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Andrew Rubio

23 years old, London-based.
Solutions Architect at Olapic.
Web Developer & User-Centric Designer.
Youth Leader.
Traveller and eater of all foods.
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Fully animated website
2-month development
CMS for blog
Custom-built, animated carousels and lightboxes
Animated transitions between pages
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ACN Labs

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Applied Consumer Neuroscience
Developed brand identity, guidelines, and design
Loading screen animations and on page load
One month design & development timeline
CMS included for Blogs and Case Studies
Search functionality included
Fully responsive
GA and Mailchimp integrated
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Flint CRE

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UK Corporate Real Estate
Consistent monochromatic design with red highlights
Fixed banners on scroll with animated text
Fully responsive & Google Analytics integrated
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Smith & Sinclair

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Updated version (late 2017)
Post-launch - orders increased by 50%
Requests for business for John Lewis country-wide and Virgin airport lounges
E-commerce - checkout within 2 clicks
Custom coding for same-page checkout
Filter functionality on shop with animations
Dynamic background videos on Experiences
Partial fixed scrolling backgrounds on home
Moved away from Wordpress
Enquiries and submission forms
Blog included with full client control
Subscriptions linked to Mailchimp
UGC (user generated content) on home/shop
Fully responsive & Google Analytics integrated
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Melrose Care

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UK Care Home
CMS for Blog and Career Opportunities
Paged application form
Functionality to upload CV
Animated carousel slider on services pages
Pop up enquiry form accessible from all pages
Fully responsive & Google Analytics integrated
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The Flavour Rooms

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UK pop-up stores
Experiences and shops available
Enquiries available for booking
Animated neon lights on home with jQuery
1-week development
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Schools Project


Brutalism design
Use of animations on scroll
Clean & minimalistic hover state with graphics
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Wedding website - July 2018
Countdown timer and count up timer
One page scroll - navigation links to go to section
Animated timeline
UGC carousel and stand-alone gallery
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Wildlife Youth


Designed as a mobile web app
50-100 returning users weekly for updated content
Subtle animations and spinning loading screen
Sliders for documents with alternative download buttons
Calendar with featured monthly events
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Eat Your Drink

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Christmas pop-up
Carnaby Street, London 2016
Simple 2-page responsive site
jQuery info banner
Introductory video
Interactive press with Lightbox to view
Live Instagram feed
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Personal portfolio website
Complete design and development
Fully responsive
Parallax header
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